What are the top 5-10 reasons to wrap your commercial fleet?

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Today we asked Darren Keller, The V.P. Account Strategy at Lowen Color Graphics, "What are the top 5-10 reasons to wrap your commercial fleet?"


1. The space on your vehicle is free! Wrapping your fleet is the most cost-effective advertising medium available. Pennies on the dollar compared to billboard advertising for the same impressions. Your vehicles likely receive more daily impressions per day than any other advertising method.

2. Transform your vehicle fleet into billboards in motion, driving the highways and city streets where customers see your branding and messaging every day. 

3. Differentiate from your competition – your wrapped vehicle will be seen and remembered more than your competitor’s door magnets. Plus, a few wrapped vehicles creates the perception that your company is bigger and better with a wider reach.

4. Build your brand – vehicle wraps fortify your brand in alignment with your company’s other branding tactics. Put your marketing and branding to work on the streets – use elements from your radio, TV, web and social media campaigns to build consistency and redundancy.

5. You have a reputation to uphold – a professionally designed, produced and installed wrap will enhance your reputation and create the positive perception of your company’s quality and service.

6. Prolong the life of your vehicle’s factory paint – a vehicle wrap protects the OEM paint from damaging UV exposure, improving the vehicle’s resale value.

7. Create a revenue stream with Co-op advertising. Develop a program where your suppliers pay a monthly fee to promote their products on your fleet.

8. Your vehicle wraps can be used for a variety of messages in addition to the promotion of your brand, products and services including recruiting for new employees or drivers or a tribute to the company’s charitable organizations, the military or first responders.

9. Use a QR code as a call to action – create a quick form to capture leads. QR codes have also been used to recruit new employees and drivers. Lowen provides QR codes for free!

10. Build employee pride every time they see their beautiful fleet vehicles carrying your products or performing services in the marketplace.

If you need proper wrapping for your commercial fleet, contact Lowen Color Graphics today!

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