About Lowen Color Graphics

Integrity. Innovation. Excellence.
You will find this motto displayed throughout our facility and always in the forefront of our operations.

We are proud that at Lowen, more than 40 percent of our employees have been with us more than 10 years. We could spend all the money in the world on great technology, but it wouldn't do any good if we didn't have the experienced employees backing it up. When you walk down two of our hallways, you will see our Wall of Fame, which displays employee photos of those individuals who have been with us for more than 25 years. Our success begins with our employees and their attitude toward their work. We can have the best equipment money can buy, but it's the people who ensure our customers are excited to do business with us. For more than 70 years, we have built a reputation for dependability, quality of the highest standard and providing our customers with superior value.

At Lowen, we don’t just keep up with the latest technologies and best practices: we create them. We work hand-in-hand with material manufacturers like 3M and printing technology companies like HP to develop new technologies, formulas and methods. Our in-house IT department has developed proprietary programs which are used throughout the manufacturing and planning process. We use the latest in HP Latex printing technology — capable of printing at a high resolution while also improving sustainability; using latex and water based inks and eliminating the use of solvents. In 2014 we unveiled Agile Fleet Branding®, the nation’s first single-source, turnkey solution designed specifically for fleet branding projects. This commitment to innovation means increased efficiency, higher quality, and a greater end value for our customers.

With over 70 years in business under the Lowen family’s ownership, Lowen Color Graphics is by far the most experienced fleet graphics provider. Our 150,000 sq ft facility allows all phases of production to not only be handled "in-house," but under one roof. Our CSRs, installation coordinators, quality control personnel, production and design teams can all communicate face-to-face at any stage to ensure the best possible outcome. All programs are regularly reviewed by our team to ensure our customers are receiving the greatest quality and value available. The sheer quantity of major brands who trust Lowen with their national fleets year after year speaks for itself.

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